Affective-Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy

The type of therapy performed in my practice, often referred to as Affective-Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy (ABC Therapy)…


Couple’s Counseling

We all desire a loving relationship with a loving partner. What makes it so difficult? …


Hypnotic Therapy

Hypnosis acts quickly and directly to trigger an individual’s own healing powers. It is an especially creative and solution-oriented therapeutic method, which accesses the individual’s own subconscious…


Victims of Abusive Relationships

Much of my work is invested in helping people, who are, or have been, victims of abusive relationships. They are, or have been, victims of emotional, physical and/or sexual mistreatment. People who suffered mistreatment…


Psychic Pain: Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Most people who come to my practice are suffering from what I call psychic pain. That is, they are feeling low, upset, afraid or anxious (or all of these things together). These people are…


Substance-Abuse, Eating Disorders, Behavioral Dependencies & Codependency

I have considerable experience treating alcoholism and drug-addiction. Although the controlled withdrawal from hard drugs usually requires residential treatment…

Areas of Psychotherapy
  • depression, sorrow, mourning
  • social anxiety and insecurity
  • sleep disturbances
  • anxiety, panic and phobias
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • eating disorders
  • alcoholism and other addictions & behavioral disturbances
  • trauma (PTSD)
  • problems of adjustment & cultural shock
  • attention deficit disorder / hyperactivity (ADHD) in adults & children
  • personality disturbances

  • individuals
  • couples, alternative relationships
  • families, adolescents

  • of work-related problems
  • of managerial issues
  • against stress
  • for time-management
  • for anger management
  • to improve self-assertiveness
  • against life problems & crises
  • for improved weight control
  • to give up smoking
  • to reduce excessive alcohol-consumption and other problematic behaviors